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Cassandra is back in Australia and looks forward to meeting old friends and new.

CAIRNS Fri Oct 17 to Mon Oct 27. Brothers Leagues Club, 99-105 Anderson St Manunda. 9am-7pm

TOWNSVILLE Wed Oct 29 to Mon Nov 10. Tom’s Tavern, 186 Nathan Street, Aikinvale, 9am-7pm

12 DARWIN Fri Nov 14 to Tue Nov 25. Mirambeena Resort, 64 Cavenagh St. 9am-8pm

You can phone Konnie on 0409 499 782 to arrange a face to face session or we are happy to offer phone readings for friends in other parts of Australia who would like to talk to Cassandra at a mutually agreeable time during Expo hours.

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The Spirit of Health and Healing,  personally created rituals and reading

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Happy Samhain

HAPPY HALLOWEEN / Samhain / (Beltane)

The time rapidly approaches for Samhain in the Northern hemisphere and Beltane in the Southern world, mirror images and two halves of the same whole.

At Samhain, the beginning of the old winter, by single soft amethyst candlelight into which we drop grains of sage, we break with echoes from the past that hold us back, drawing from Beltane, the start of the ancient summer, whether our own or across the world, creative impetus, germinating stars of our future growth and dreams. At Beltane likewise whether pulsating beneath our feet, a twenty four hour plane ride or eye blink away in cyber space, we risk all for happiness and fulfillment, leap over twin fires or light our two red candles and make them sparkle with salt to welcome future generations; drawing on the visions of the Samhain fireside of the ancestors who assure us we carry within us their hopes and their wisdom to our children’s children’s children, whether our own or those we influence. The faults and failings are buried with the dying year.

We create from what has been lost and let go what stands in the way of claiming or reclaiming our power. Though death is ever-present in the world we need not cower in the shadows but rejoice in every day we are granted, a blessing and a bonus; as we look up at the fires of the ancestors in the stars we know that those hundreds of years hence will still wish upon the stars and rejoice at the seasons turning.

Samhain’s Jack o’ lantern whom the loveliest of Morrigu Fate sisters three times in his life asked to go with her across the river of death to immortality, was too afraid; so he walks between worlds with his small light, recalled as the Samhain pumpkin. But six months later he is reborn as the wild Beltane Jack ‘o’ Green, who seizes life, free as the burgeoning woodland greenery and crowns the maiden goddess with wildflowers. Both Jacks are one, are within us and the choice is not always easy, but we make decisions based on the resources and the knowledge we have at the time and so we should never regret the past but use it to weave the glorious garland of the future. If we plant and reap in their own seasons and do not seek to change what is inevitability, then we will live authentically, beautifully and eternally in the winds, the waters, in our words, our kindnesses, in those we try to influence for the better, in our recalled idiosyncrasies and unique foot and blueprint and the newly blossoming flowers of summer and the falling leaves of the winter days..

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If you need help in any area of your life, but are unsure of where to turn next, please read the information on the readings, psychic life-coaching and spells pages to help you understand what can and cannot be achieved with my psychic services. You will also find a massive amount of free information on my pages entitle encyclopaedia cassandrica! These pages are an amalgamation of research I have done over the years put into an easily searchable format. I also provide a range of free to use spells and rituals - you'll find these scattered all over my site, usually on pages relevant to the subject matter.

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