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Cassandra is back in Australia and looks forward to meeting old friends and new.

TOWNSVILLE Wed Oct 29 to Mon Nov 10. Tom’s Tavern, 186 Nathan Street, Aikinvale, 9am-7pm

12 DARWIN Fri Nov 14 to Tue Nov 25. Mirambeena Resort, 64 Cavenagh St. 9am-8pm

You can phone Konnie on 0409 499 782 to arrange a face to face session or we are happy to offer phone readings for friends in other parts of Australia who would like to talk to Cassandra at a mutually agreeable time during Expo hours.

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The Spirit of Health and Healing,  personally created rituals and reading

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Happy Full Moon in Taurus


Happy full Moon in Taurus, a time for beauty and harmony,  love, radiance, money, material security and to acquire beautiful things, for the conception of a child and fertility in every way, for, getting a lover to commit or for a major money venture. 

Use it also to become fitter, for overcoming possessiveness and emotional blackmail, to reduce debt and to protect possessions from those who borrow and never return.

Her special colour is pink, her gems, rose quartz and emerald and her fragrances rose, apple blossom and daisies.

 Her angel is Asmodel, angel of beauty surrounded by pink rays who helps us to create what is of worth in every sphere. She brings us persistence when the going is tough, patience, reliability, loyalty and stability.

The message of this moon is value your own beauty and ignore those who make you feel bad, guilty or over- responsible for their well-being.  For if you are feeling distinctly out of sorts as this moon rises, with life and people, borrow a bit of the Scorpio sun, her alter ego, for booting out from your life those who encroach on your territory or drain your energies.

If you are focused purely on keeping the rest of the world harmonious, the Scorpio sun reminds you that this may be at the expense of yourself. Feeling tired, drained or inwardly resentful may not be your hormones or a sugar low but someone taking advantage of your good nature. For energy vampires have the sugariest sweet smiles and make you feel that you are treading on the head of a baby rabbit if you say no to their intrusions or poor little me demands. 

So use this moon for a what makes me happy, what do I want and feel and embrace the radiance and harmony surging through you as you smile from your heart and walk strong in your own radiance and your light.

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