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Happy Full Moon in Aquarius


Happy Full Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius may seem a strange bedfellow for a passionate full moon but in fact, the full moon offers the power and feeling, passion and the impetus to excite even pragmatic Aquarius to put some of those brilliant schemes into practice. Aquarius makes sure the powerful lunar energies are directed wisely and to maximum longer as well as shorter term effect where they are most needed. The full moon in Aquarius is one that moves life forward in unique ways, furthering original ventures and bringing the success of cherished inventions and money-spinning schemes. It is good for developing or rekindling friendships pushed into the background by time or circumstances, for developing your unique gifts and talents and for exploring or even learning alternative medicine.

Look into a bowl of water in which the full Aquarian moonlight is reflected or hold it within a crystal sphere for a sudden mind image or flash of inspiration to offer an original solution to a long standing problem.

Splash the moonlit water on to growing flowers and ask for aid where most needed in the world or peace to a troubled region and as the flowers grow in the weeks ahead so will the Aquarian humanitarian energies flow into the cosmos, slowly and individually joining with others of good will. For thoughts can change prevailing powers for the better step by step if enough people send out those thoughts on this altruistic moon.

Sprinkle the Aquarian moon water on your Third Psychic Eye in the centre of your brow above and between your eyes for the impetus to launch a second career based on an innate but previously undeveloped talent. Save some Aquarian full moon water and the day after the full moon, drink the calming powerful detachment to start a programme to quit smoking or start a healthy food or exercise plan. Join the activity you have always wanted to in your everyday world or on line to meet like-minded people.

Light a purple or blue candle for Cambiel, the tall shadowy protective guardian archangel of Aquarius and a white one for Ofaniel, angel of the full moon who has one hundred pairs of silver wings. Together they promise anything is possible step by step and through focused planning and quietly determined action not impulse.

Light a lemon incense stick from each candle and write over the candles in the air in incense smoke what you most desire to attain by the time the full moon is in the sky again. Leave the candles and incense to burn through.

Happy, happy moon.

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