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Full moon in Gemini

 Happy full moon in Gemini for November 25 at 22.44 UCT, also called the Beaver Moon.

As the moon of clear communication, versatility, travel and positive change of all kinds, not to mention protection against deceit, gossip and spite, it is not a winding down for the end of the year moon at all, but a time to communicate what you feel and think clearly, loudly and boldly- and what you want, not least to yourself.

For as the year downturns towards Christmas , Midsummer in the southern hemisphere and the rebirth of light in the northern world in the days after this moon , borrow a few of the Sagittarian sun arrows from the opposing sun sign, to make the month ahead before the next full moon(on Christmas Day in home-loving Cancer) as you want and need it to be.

Don’t wait for 2016, for there is more than a month of 2015 to shape and not wait, it is never too late. Push through the baubles and tinsel and buy now or lose it forever frantic Yuletide unnecessaries and ask, who am I, who do I want to be, what risks am I prepared to take at this 11th hour to finish the year with a great glorious display of personal light rekindled, actions taken, decisions made, all ready to go galloping into 2016, the year of the number 9, the mighty Camael, Archnagel of Mars riding on his leopard giving us strength, courage and ultimate victory if we act and do not wait.

Hassle companies before their stupefying office party wind down for the job you really want, the rebate you are owed or the compensation you so rightly are due-and they may be glad to clear the decks before opening the wine. Start new projects now, don’t delay till the New Year; sign up now for courses to start in January, as the Gemini quicksilver mind combines with the lunar full power all or nothing. Make plans and book a January vacation rather than wasting money on ungrateful Aunty Maud and the discordant symphony of what I really wanted for Christmas Brat and Brattina . Not too late either to have the Christmas you want, whether alone far away on a desert island where the Yule trees do not sprout tinsel or with a gathering of people or just one person you really want to be with. As for lovers uncommitted as to whose fireside they will hang their undarned Yuletide stockings, don’t be Suzy or Sammy on the shelf,, content with a whispered phone call after the turkey bones are picked clean. Communicate your love now on this moon and say this mistletoe or never and if thanks, but no thanks, ride off into the sunrise and the amazing adventures ahead.

Life is about now, says the Gemini full moon so do something on each of the three days leading up to the moon and moon night to make yourself joyous. Alternatively take a step towards the grand Master plan to make 2016 the best year ever.

Happy, happy Gemini moon and think lucky and you’ll be lucky.

16th September 2015:

As we hear of more and more attacks around the world, it is easy to despair and avoid going to places such as theatres, restaurants, on holiday overseas or to take our little ones to see the Christmas lights.

Yet if we restrict our lives, terrorism has won and we have lost our freedom, so as people do in wartime we have to go on, being vigilant but not constantly looking over our shoulders or staying indoors.

Hard though it is, too, we cannot, must not stop believing in the innate goodness of the majority of humanity of all races and creeds.

This ritual is for safety in these troubled times and may be of special help if you have to or want to go to a potentially crowded place, but fear it may be a target. Nothing diminishes the wanton destructiveness of terrorism and we must all, of every race and creed, speak out and unite against those who are prepared even to kill children. Yet we hope and will not give up.

You will need

A map of the world set flat on a table (a printout from the Internet is fine).
A small tree fragrance incense stick in a holder to the right of the map.
A small red candle and a taller white one behind the map, the red to the left.

The Ritual:

14th November 2015:

Dear Friends, It is with great sadness that I add this post today. My heart goes out to all those affected by the atrocities in Paris, as in other parts of the world, as it seems nowhere is unaffected by war and strife these days. But for those in Paris I would like to offer a ritual to help heal the wounded and the hurts of the family members suffering from grief. Everyone can do this, for the power of love and light can help heal the wounds, even from afar.

Here is a simple candle ritual

You will need

A white candle.

A small bowl of salt.

Here is a second healing ritual to be followed in the days ahead to bring peace.

You will need

A sprig of evergreen in a vase.

A small bowl of water

Eleven black and twelve white stones.

13th November 2015:

Friday the Thirteenth

Triskaidekaphobia means fear of the thirteenth, especially Friday 13th . The unlucky associations with 13 has origins with Judas being the thirteenth person at the Last Supper and for this reason until recently in France a guest called a quatzorien (14th) would be hired to be the fourteenth at a dinner party.

In the Viking tradition the God of mischief Loki turned up as the thirteenth deity at a banquet at which Balder the god of light was murdered. Thirteen is associated with the old Goddess worship in many lands where the calendar was ruled by the 13 moons.

Numerologically 12 is the number of completion, 12 months, 12 zodiac signs and so 13 as one beyond 12 is believed to upset the natural order.

In many packs the thirteenth card is the Death card though of course it is never means death, only endings leading to new beginnings. In fact here Death and 13 is associated with transformation and in ancient societies such as Egypt was said to hold great power if truths could be confronted. It is the eternal cycle of beginnings, fruition and endings, followed by new beginnings.

Fridays are also considered unlucky because Friday is named after Freya the Viking pagan goddess of beauty and magick whose chariots was pulled by black cats, Freya was demonized in the 12th century when Christianity came to Sweden and she was condemned as a witch and so her day, the day when she was worshipped, became a no go for good luck.

Fridays are associated with the free rule of bad nature spirits, witches and fairies and finger nails and hair should not be cut on these days in case the bad spirits used the clippings for spells against the person. A bed changed on a Friday is for the same reason said to bring bad dreams and it is traditionally a bad day for travel, as the sea spirits will cause trouble.

Put the two, Friday and the thirteenth together and the omens are not good.

On Friday 13 1307 the mystical order the Knights Templar were arrested by Philip IV of Spain and were said to have cursed Friday 13 thereafter.

So is there any truth in it? Superstition seems to be borne out by statistics: a study in 1994 of accident figures on the southern section of the M25 motorway which encircles London revealed that although there were fewer people using that stretch of road on six Friday 13ths, there were more injuries from accidents.

‘Our data suggest the risk of a transport accident on Friday 13th may be increased by 52 per cent,” the researchers reported in the British Medical Journal.

The researchers, led by Dr Thomas Scanlon, Public Health Registrar for Mid Downs Health Authority, suggested that one reason for the increase in accidents might be increased anxiety about Friday 13th which would reduce concentration and contribute to accidents, something psychologists refer to as the self-fulfilling prophecy.

Friday 13th is also believed to be a bad day for buying a car as it will, according to custom, spend most of its time in the hands of mechanics.

Nor is travelling by ship any guarantee of safety on these ill-omened days. Before modern timetables forced them to sail all day and every day, sailors would not put to sea on a Friday. According to popular myth, an old sailor named Friday who lived in Great Yarmouth in the UK, had the keel of his new boat laid on a Friday, carried out the completion ceremonies on a Friday, launched it on a Friday and named it on Friday to defy superstition.

The maiden voyage was on a Friday and the vessel returned with a large catch of herring. On the second Friday it set sail and returned not only with fish but also with valuable salvage. But the rule of ‘third time lucky’ failed in this instance: on the third trip it was lost with all hands.

Stories abound of journeys on Friday 13th that ended badly. On that day in June 1930, Sir Henry Segrave’s speedboat crashed at 100mph on Lake Windermere as he was attempting the world water speed record. Just before his attempt, a timekeeper had joked to Sir Henry: ‘In view of the date, Sir, I’d better have your autograph now.’ Sir Henry had laughed and signed.

Even eminent sailors respect the superstition. In November 1914 First Sea Lord Fisher overruled British dockyard authorities who wanted to put off the sailing of the Inflexible and Invincible until Friday 13th. ‘Imagine being such fools as to sail on a Friday, and on a 13th,’ he wrote. The order went ‘Sail Wednesday’.

This tradition was defied by the Royal Navy submarine Osiris, which made a point of diving on the 13th hour every Friday 13th. In December 1991, its luck ran out and the dive was postponed due to technical problems.

To avert bad luck

So what can we do?

Happy Friday the Thirteenth.


11th November 2015:

On the day we remember with gratitude all who have given their lives for their country, here is an ongoing ritual for all who have been injured or traumatised to bring peace and security.

To help injured or traumatized members of the armed forces who do not receive the support they need when they return home.

You will need

3 blue candles in a row in ascending size, left to right


The Ritual:

 NEW  ARTICLE in SPIRIT & DESTINY on Dragons  HERE and for further reading on dragons visit this page here

Cassandra Eason Workshop on Crystals and Past Lives

Crystals and Past Lives

A two hour workshop by Cassandra Eason at Charlie’s Rock Shop , London, Friday November 6 at 6.30 pm

Because many crystals are so old, and have absorbed the wisdom of many ages through which they have passed in their formation they are the perfect tool for accessing both your own past lives, connecting with ancestors known and unknown and exploring past worlds.

Find out about your twin soul and also your Soul adversary who may have turned up in this lifetime to bug you and why you have specific talents and hidden knowledge you may have developed over the centuries that is starting to re-emerge.

In this workshop we will use crystal spheres, fossils and crystals such as rutilated quartz, Turitella agate and petrified wood to take a walk back through time. I will also describe particular fragrances and sounds that are helpful for taking a trip to old worlds.

In a new method of past life therapy discover not only why you have certain fears or particular relationship sticking points but how to go back and change the old endings so you can break the pattern and start anew.

All you need bring is pen and paper.

Places are very limited as this is a hands on workshop so contact Charlie or his staff to book now.

Charlie’s Rock Shop, 18 Watermill Way, Abbey Mills SW19 2RD Tel: 0208 544 1207


Happy Samhain in the Northern hemisphere
and Beltane in the Southern hemisphere

30th October 2015:  HAPPY HALLOWEEN or SAMHAIN

For those in the Southern Hemisphere, you are now in Beltane. Visit this page for my Beltane rituals

The Scottish poet Robert Burns considered Halloween to be an even greater love festival than Valentine’s Day. These rituals were inspired by him and were intended to be worked in quick succession during or after gatherings on 31 October. In their original form, the first five were intended for women, and the last two for men, but all may equally well be worked by those of either sex. Although, as you will see, they are all light-hearted, you may be surprised at their effectiveness and accuracy.

You will need:

To perform all the spells you will need: 6 small cabbages, unwashed and dug from the earth or bought from a source where there is still soil on them; a string threaded with 6 raisins; 3 plates (one empty, one full of clean water and one full of dirty water); a blindfold; 4 cups of the same size; a silver coin; a ring; a sprig of heather; a dish of mashed potato containing a ring, a silver coin, a sea shell, a button, a heart-shaped charm and a key; a spoon and fork; a small piece of wood; a glass or bowl of water; a roasted or raw salted herring.


On Halloween (31 October), to be completed by midnight.

Spell 1:

Put on the blindfold and ask someone present to arrange the cabbages in a row. Then say, Kind lover reveal thy nature and thy intent and reach out for your love cabbage.

The amount of dirt clinging to the roots of the cabbage indicates the financial status of the prospective partner (much dirt equals much money); the shape of the cabbage foretells the appearance the intended; the flavour and sweetness of the raw cabbage heart reveals the future husband’s disposition. Put the cabbage stalk behind your front door and it is said you will soon encounter your new partner or recognise them if already known.

Spell 2:

Find another unmarried person. Each of you take an end of the string threaded with raisins and say together six times, getting faster and faster.

The fruit is sweet, so is my love; first or last, at the altar meet. The spell is cast. Love do not tarry, but me marry soon.

Hold the string tight in your mouths, first chewing on the string and then eating the raisins. Whoever eats most raisins will be first married. If you eat an equal number of raisins, there will be a double wedding.

Spell 3:

Place the three plates in a row (one empty, one full of clean water and one full of dirty water. Put on the blindfold, turn around three times and say:

Fortune, fortune, tell me,
Am I pretty/handsome or plain,
Or am I downright ugly
And ugly to remain?
Shall I marry a gentleman/woman?
Shall I marry a clown?
Or shall I marry old pots and pans
Shouting through the town?

Reach out with your left hand. If you touch the clean water, your future spouse will be young, attractive and unmarried. If you touch the dirty water, he or she will be older, perhaps a widow or widower, or divorced. If you touch the empty plate, you will remain single but not necessarily un-bedded or unloved until next Halloween.

Spell 4:

Place the four cups on a table. Place the silver coin in the first cup, the ring in the second a ring, and the heather in the third cup. Leave the fourth cup empty. Put on the blindfold. Twirl around three times clockwise and three times anticlockwise and then reach for the cups. If you pick the cup with the ring, you will marry within the year; if you pick the cup with the heather, you will have good luck; if you pick the cup with the coin, money is coming; if you pick the empty cup, you will make your way in the world by hard work.

Spell 5:

Set out the dish of mashed potato containing, hidden within, the ring, the silver coin, the sea shell, the button, the heart-shaped charm and the key. Turn off the lights and take a scoop of mash. If you find the ring, you will be happily wed; if you find he coin, you will have great wealth; if you find the button, you will have a family; if you find the heart charm, you will have a passionate love affair; if you find the shell, you will travel to far-off places; and if you find the key, you will have a new home.

Spell 6:

Place the piece of wood in the glass or bowl of water before you go to bed. You will dream of falling off a bridge into a river. Whoever rescues you will be your love.

Spell 7:

Eat the herring immediately before going to sleep. Your true love will bring you a glass of water in a dream to relieve your thirst.

An extra Halloween Love Spell to Call Your Love to You in Dreams

You will need:

A hairbrush, an apple, if you wish one you have obtained while playing another Halloween game apple bobbing, A large round mirror, A red candle.

Timing: Just before midnight.

The Spell

• Light the candle so it shines in the mirror. Sit facing the mirror.

• Take a bite of the apple and say, The fruit is sweet, so is my love. Love, do not tarry, but come to me soon and soon we’ll marry. Use the same spell words whether your love is known or as yet not found.

• Put down the apple and brush your hair a hundred times, still looking into the mirror, saying, Love I ask you walk with me, in dreams this night that I may see, your face with mine, and we may be, joined in love eternally.

• Put down the brush, saying, Love show yourself within this glass to me and walk with me in dreams that we may be joined in love eternally.

• Stare hard into the mirror, blow out the candle, blink, and in the afterglow you may see in the mirror your true love next to you. If not, close your eyes and the image will come.

• Go straight to sleep and ask to dream of your love. It may be someone you already know

• The next morning, leave the apple outdoors.

For those of you who are happily settled with a partner this is a Halloween ritual you might enjoy

A Halloween ritual to get (or keep) your life on track.

You will need:

A pumpkin. A sharp knife. A small white candle to fit inside the pumpkin.

Timing: October 31 before it gets dark.

The Spell:

For those in the Southern Hemisphere, you are now in Beltane. Visit this page for my Beltane rituals

23rd October 2015: Appeal for your psychic experiences.....

I am currently writing a book called Deliver us from Evil on Psychic Protection and how to overcome negative psychic experiences.

I would be grateful for any experiences of paranormal or earthly evil you may have encountered, including nasty hauntings, people who have cursed you, experiences of being crushed in bed by an invisible force or people who have made your life a misery by manipulating you or loved ones with mind control. Also any incidents of negative ouija board or séance experiences and spirits who won’t leave you alone afterwards would be welcome.. I would be especially interested to know how you dealt with these. I promise to change any identifying details for accounts I use in the book.

You can mail me on

So far I have collected experiences of being crushed by a demonic figure, common especially among older teenage girls and women in their twenties or even early thirties. I have also encountered teenagers who have been bullied by other teenagers who find demonic names online and tell the bullied person the demons will come to them when they sleep, people who have been given or bought what seems a cursed object and those who have seen vicious ghosts, whether in childhood or later in life.


Travel: spells to make your travel go smoothly

Dear Friends,

I have made my first solo trip without the family to France since the operation to stay with Debi and it has been wonderful, sunlit days, mediaeval chateaux and ancient sleepy towns, walks along the ancient green ways, markets, good food and rather too much wine in the sun. The trip has restored my confidence which was shattered by being so ill and you can see my pictures on Facebook of me walking (and even on one occasion breaking into a sedate trot).

Travel is very important whether a day in the countryside or a week or two away to restore us, excite our minds with new experiences and sights and relax our souls if we are locked in the 24/7 dash. We have time to talk, to think and above all find all those bits of ourselves that got scattered on life’s way.

Nor do we have to share our adventure with others to enjoy ourselves. One of my best holidays was actually one I went solo to Bruges in Belgium some years ago and rather than being lonely as I sat by roaring fires eating stew and wandered the snow-covered streets, I felt free and my own woman. In fact that was the beginning of my often tottery attempts to discover who I was and not just what I did. Here are four of my favourite travel rituals.


For a Special Happy Holiday

You will need:

15 green balloons.


Weekly for five weeks before the holiday.

The Spell:

For a perfect day out (or just because you want a perfect day).

You will need:

Two long coloured scarves in bright colours in a light fabric.


Around sunrise, outdoors.

The Spell:

For a happy weekend or short break home or overseas

You will need:

Four green candles

A long green cord or ribbon.

Four travel incense sticks, fern, fennel, frankincense, sage or lavender


The day before your mini-break, in the morning if possible

The Spell:

To Protect your Luggage, documents, pets and children from being separated from you during travel.

You will need:

Travel documents, wallets, money belts, credit cards, luggage, pictures of children and pets


The night before you travel.

The Spell:

Our love to you all,
Cassandra and Debi

28th September
a rare occurance

26th September 2015:

MEGA HARVEST "BLOOD" FULL MOON September 28th at 2.50am UT time

Book your tickets for the Mega Harvest Blood Full Moon in Aries on September 28 at 2. 50 am UT time in a rare alignment of Sun, Moon and Earth that has not occurred since 1982 and will not occur again till 2033. The moon will also be in full eclipse, hence it will turn coppery red…

What is more this full moon coincides with the time the moon is at its brightest and closest to the earth in its orbit and so it is the largest and most dazzling full moon of the year, so you should be able to wave to the Toad, Hare, Man or Lady in the Moon depending on your tipple.

Add to that the energies of fiery Aries and this moon will wake us to the infinite possibilities of positive change that even if circumstances are against us we have a chance of initiating, booting out people and situations that are making us unhappy and saying This is about me and this I want and I will have.

But don’t go maxing out your credit cards as despite what some US preachers are foretelling this is not the end of the world and September 29 it’s no use saying to the Bank Manager Well isn’t it great we’ll are still here so let’s rejoice and not worry about the fine print.

And yet it can be the end and not overnight of a personal world we no longer want. Even when this impetus has faded into the light of morning, gradually we can inch our way towards a life no longer of second best and if only I was brave enough. Dare to dream and dream to dare on this magical of nights whose energies will last a couple of days either side. If we cannot stop time, said the mid- 17th century poet Andrew Marvell, yet shall we make it run. For those who are in trepidation of the future (me included) I say Shine on Harvest Moon.

A Lunar Eclipse spell for making a change that scares you

You will need:

A silver candle

A dark coloured candle

Two pieces of white paper and a black pen


 From just before the eclipse till the moon reappears in the sky. If you have time watch the moon disk gradually disappear till full moonlight returns.

The Spell:

Light the silver candle as the moon starts to disappear and write a list of all the things that are holding you back from success/happiness.

When the moon is gone, light the dark candle from the silver one saying Problems, obstacles flow from me, Eclipsed in darkness may you be.

23rd September 2015

(special note: if anyone receives an email from it is a very old email address of mine, that no longer exists, and is therefore some hacker creating spam and not to open or reply to it. Perhaps if anyone does receive one from this address they could report it to BT?We have changed all our passwords on everything, so hopefully there will be no further problems!!)

equal day, equal night

Happy Alban Elued, Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere.

For Spring Equinox in Southern Hemisphere click here

Symbols: Copper coloured yellow or orange leaves, willow boughs, harvest fruits such as apples, berries, nuts, copper or bronze coins and pottery geese

Tree: Apple

Incenses, flower and herbs: Ferns, geranium, myrrh, pine, sandalwood and Solomon’s seal. Michelmas daisies and all small petal purple and blue flowers

Candle Colours: Blue and green

Crystals: Blue lace agate, chalcedony, Aqua aura, also rose quartz and all calcites

Festival Foods: The finest of the harvest, fruits, vegetables, jam, nuts , , apple pies, geese sacred to St Michael whose festival falls on September 29, game, cider, barley wine and ale

Angel: Rismuch, angel of agriculture and cultivated land, wearing every imaginable shade of brown, carrying a scythe and a hoe as symbol that he is conserver of the land and the crops. His symbols are sheaves of wheat and ears of corn, also dishes of seeds and nuts

Ways of Marking the Festival in the Modern world

Happy Alban Eiler, Ostara or the Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere

 Symbols: Eggs, especially painted ones, feathers, spring flowers or leaves a sprouting pot of seeds, pottery rabbits and birds and anything made of dough or clay.

Tree: Birch

Incenses, flowers and herbs: Celandine, cinquefoil, crocus, daffodil, honeysuckle, hyacinth, lemon, primroses, sage, tansy and thyme and violets.

Candle colours: Yellow and green.

Crystals: Sparkling yellow crystals, such as citrine, golden beryl and rutilated quartz, also lemon and apple green chrysoprase and aventurine.

Festival Foods: Decorated boiled eggs, chocolate eggs and rabbits, hot cross buns or small cakes with pastry crosses on for the old astrological sign of the earth mother, lamb, Simnel cakes (marzipan topped cakes).

Angel of the festival: Raphael, Archangel of the Dawn, the Spring and of healing. He carries a golden vial of medicine, with a traveller’s staff, food to nourish travellers and is dressed in the colours of early morning sunlight, with a beautiful green healing ray emanating from his halo.

Ways of Marking the Festival in the Modern world

17th September 2015

Article: In the UKs Express newspaper

A crystal clear way to happiness: Discover your must-have crystal with our expert guide

VICTORIA Beckham was first introduced to the power of crystals while living in LA.  READ MORE

17th September:

Dear Friends,

I am coming home to Charlie's.Rock Shop in Abbey Mills, London.

 As some of you may know I had a serious heart operation in April, but I have missed all of you at Charlie's.

This visit to Charlie's is my first reading venue since recovering and is the only one I ever do in the UK. That is because it is like a second home so I look forward to seeing my old friends and new on Friday November 6th, Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th November Some of you have been coming to see me at Charlie's for years and it is so good to catch up on your lives and hopefully be able to guide you to the best times ahead ever.

You can find Charlie's Rock Shop, also the best crystal collection anywhere at Unit 1 Merton Abbey Mills, 18 Watermill Way, London SW19 2RD Tel:0208 544 1207.

I will be offering 30 minute or one hour clairvoyant consultations, past lives, spells for any positive purpose and help and advice on psychic protection if you are worried or you are experincing ill-wishing or bad fortune.

equal day, equal night

10th September 2015


Dear Friends,

The Spring Equinox or Ostara in the Southern hemisphere and the Autumn Equinox or Mabon in the Northern world, equal day and equal night, occur this year on September 23, Universal Coordinated Time.

However the power of the Equinox, equal day and night, starts two weeks before the actual event. So any day now you can start, whether your Spring or Autumn, spiritual as well as physical housekeeping in readiness.

But let’s not wait, but leap into those powers with both feet...

Any day before the Autumn Equinox or Mabon in the Northern hemisphere, try this:

You will need

A deep dish filled with fallen leaves.
A small bowl of berries/nuts.
A deep empty bowl.

The Spell :

Any day before the Spring Equinox or Ostara in the Southern hemisphere try this:

You will need

A broom
Water left out from dusk the night before the spell.
Salt and pepper.

The Spell:


Full moon in Pisces

Update 28th August 2015:

Happy Full Moon in Pisces, called the Sturgeon Moon because traditionally the sturgeon in the Great Lakes were most easily caught during this full moon. It is also known as Full Green Corn Moon, Wheat Cut Moon, Moon when all things Ripen and Blueberry Moon. This moon is especially powerful because it is a Supermoon when the moon is closest in its orbit to Earth.

The lovely flowing Pisces Full Moon is not only the moon of ripening, but is the moon of cascading emotions. She laughs and cries at the same time, says good bye, this can never be and in an instant is back laughing mischievously, dries the tears and dances for the sheer joy of being alive. She tells us where there is sorrow there will follow joy-and yes more tears, but then laughter again and silver moonbeam trust where it now lies shattered. There are no guarantees of forever for the butterfly enjoying every moment of the light or for our carefully accumulated Lego brick security, no surety the planted seeds will grow or the harvest be rich and ripe; we cannot hold back for fear of being hurt or of sickness, ageing and mortality. So on this moon we must drink deep of life and squeeze every moment of pleasure and treasure the precious moments and if we are wounded pick ourselves up again and again and again.

The Pisces Full Moon is a moon for new love or love after loss or calling back old temporarily lost love, for music and the performing arts, for truth softened by kindness, for balancing two commitments or having two careers and loving both, for adaptability, merging two families and for using our hidden telepathic powers when our mobiles are out of range or everyday words fail.

Lady Moon helps us to overcome rivalries of people or demands pulling you in different directions. There is enough love for all, for life is a rich stew and -the more that is added the more delectable it becomes, not like a cake to be portioned and fighting over crumbs. This moon reconciles quarrels, assists the amicable resolution of custody or divorce disputes, blesses the homeless, the dispossessed and those who do not understand convention but live by the ethics of what feels honourable.

Be then joyful and seize the simplicity of the moment that is everything and makes sense of the striving.

Above all this is the Moon when our psychic powers spontaneously open and we know things without understanding how or why and we can find those very special answers to what is hidden or not yet known.

On Full Moon night, set a purple candle to the left of a heatproof bowl half-filled with water and a green candle to the right. Use real wax candles that drip wax. Do this outdoors if the moon is bright.

Light the purple candle saying Lead me to the unknown ways, That as I in this water gaze, Visions will see that will show, What most I need right now to know.

Light the second candle from the first and set it to the right of the bowl saying, Let me view wondrous scenes, past worlds where once my life has been, Or future dreams.

Holding a candle in each hand begin to drip wax from both, slowly on to the water surface.

As swirls of liquid wax mix on the water surface you will see a picture or symbol that afterwards will become a message as words or images in your mind.

When the wax sets, tip away the water, drying the solidified wax which may have formed a shape that contains more answer. Keep the wax in a small bag till it crumbles and hold it whenever your intuition is telling you differently from what seems true on the surface.

Money spells for everyday life

August 14, 2015

Dear Friends,

I am sometimes asked if it is right to cast spells for instant money and longer-lasting prosperity. Certainly I do not advocate a psychic bank account at which we have a limitless overdraft. But many people do ask me for spells for money. They are not greedy would-be Lottery winners but ordinary men and women struggling to pay bills, buy new tyres for the car or afford a family holiday. Under the traditional rules of magic we can ask for enough for our needs and a little more.

It is quite justifiable to cast spells for either an immediate specific sum of money genuinely needed or for a general increase in prosperity that would make life easier and more pleasurable. There is nothing immoral about having money in itself; it is the misuse of money or the acquisition of money for its own sake that is wrong.

It is difficult to cast spells for the well-being of the planet or for the welfare of caged animals if you are worried sick about paying the mortgage. Many people have come to rely on credit not through greed or stupidity but because there is no other way to pay living expenses or help a child through college. The spiral of debt drains energy, pleasure and peace of mind. Spells – together with more practical help – can unfreeze the sense of helplessness that debt may generate and can sometimes create avenues to resolve an acute or ongoing crisis. We should not feel guilty about using spells to ask for money to get us on track.

If you have money, you should under the laws of cosmic payback, do something positive to ease the burdens of those who have little, whether by helping a struggling family member or supporting a charity. In return for the fruits of a money spell, give something to those around you. This may not necessarily be in money terms but could also be in time or practical help. That is cosmic balance. Those who only take, whether through earthly or magical means, will find that money does not bring happiness, only loneliness and an emotionally and spiritually arid life.
These are four of my favourite money spells.

A Seven-day tea-light money spell

This is a good seven-day spell when you need money to pay a looming bill or demand urgently. It does not need coins.

You will need:

7 white or red tea-lights 7 saucers or a heatproof tray; the offending bill or bank statement, or a piece of paper with the amount you need written on it.


Seven days before the day the money is needed.

The Spell:

To restore prosperity after a financial loss or downturn

You will need:

A golden-brown candle.

A gold ribbon.


Three consecutive early mornings.

The Spell:

A salt spell for making finances grow

You will need:

A bowl three quarters filled with salt.

12 small gold coloured coins.

Four gold candles


Early in the waxing moon cycle.

The Spell:

A Bay leaf spell for ensuring the regular inflow of money throughout the year.

You will need:

A supply of large dried bay leaves, the kind you use for cooking and can buy in jars in the supermarket.

A bowl of salt.

An unlidded ceramic sugar bowl or jar.

A paper knife or a long sharp pin


Seven consecutive days, if possible starting on a Sunday, then ongoing.

The Spell:

LINK to HAPPY FULL BLUE MOON info and ritual (Below) coinciding with
Lughnassadh in the norther hemisphere and Imbolc in the southern hemisphere

Lughnassadh in a Blue Moon?


To my friends in the Northern hemisphere, happy approaching Lughnassadh, between July 31 and August 2, the festival of the first grain harvest, a time for reaping the results of what you have worked so hard for during the year and discarding or leaving for a while longer what has not yet come to fruition.

Lughnassadh is especially significant this year, traditionally the time when Sulis, Goddess of the sun and healing waters, on the full moon shone radiance into the moat round her special place in Wiltshire UK, Silbury Hill. It was said the reflection in the water was the milk given by Mother Sulis to her children. For July 31 is also the day of powerful blue full moon energies, the second full moon of July and a cosmic event that only occurs every two to three years.

Focus of the period: Justice and natural justice or karma, human and personal rights issues, freedom from abuse of any kind; for partnerships, both personal and legal or business, for signing contracts or property matters; promotion and career advancement and the regularizing of personal finances; for holidays and journeys to see friends and family or on business and the renewal of promises, loyalty and fidelity; also willing sacrifice for a long term gain or one made in love, trusting the cosmos to provide by giving without seeking immediate return; also for all matters concerning people in their forties and fifties.

Symbols: Any straw object such as a corn dolly, a corn knot or a straw hat or a straw animal tied with red ribbon, harvest flowers such as poppies or cornflowers(can be silk or dried), a container of mixed cereals, dried grasses, stones with natural holes; bread and dough.

Tree: Alder or redwood.

Incense, flower and herbs: Cedarwood, cinnamon, fenugreek, ginger and heather, myrtle, poppies and sunflowers, any dark yellow, deep blue or brown-gold flowers.

Candle colours: Golden brown or dark yellow.

Crystals: Fossilized wood, dark yellow and any brown jasper, banded agates, titanium aura, fossils.

Festival foods: Home-made bread, milk, cereal products, elderberry and fruit wines, strawberries, berry pies and fruit juices, potato soup, popcorn, chicken.

Angel: Sachiel. Archangel of the grain harvest and of abundance. He wears robes of deep blue and purple, carrying sheaves of corn and baskets of food with a rich purple and golden halo and blue and purple wings.

God and Goddess of the festival: Eriu\Macha as Irish Goddess of the Land accepted the remaining power of Llew as sun god that the remaining crops would ripen before he sacrificed his life for the grain

The Place on the Wheel:

This is the festival of the first grain harvest.

The God promises to defend and die for the land. The Sun/Grain God is willingly cut down as the last sheaf of grain to be harvested and his spirit descends into the earth back into the mother’s womb, to be reborn on the Midwinter celebration as the infant Sun King.

In both the pre Christian and Christian tradition called Lammas or Loaf mass a loaf baked from the first harvested sheaf was offered on the altar.

On August 15, at the feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary into heaven a bannock was made from bread and milk to be broken by the father of the household and given to the family.

Ways of Marking the Festival in the Modern world



Happy approaching Imbolc to my friends in the Southern hemisphere, the three day festival often celebrated between the eve of July 31 and August 2, heralding new beginnings, stirrings of hope that promise to increase in the months ahead into blossoming joy and opportunity.

Imbolc is especially significant this year, traditionally in the old world when Brighid the maiden Goddess melted the winter snows with her willow wand, for July 31 is the powerful blue full moon energies, the second full moon of July and a cosmic event that only occurs every two to three years.

Yet the seasonal energies of Imbolc are much more than energies whirling overhead They pulsate pure beneath the feet, earth energies that you can access when you smell or touch flowers, lean against a tree even in a city park or walk across sand, grass or soil or grow herbs in your kitchen. Because the act of celebrating Imbolc accumulates your words and thoughts with those of others who share the festival, they do in a symbolic sense help the Wheel of the year to turn and will add to the store of power available at this time to future generations.

Imbolc or Oimelc

Focus of the period: New ideas, the promise that winter actual or emotional will end, planning the future and putting out the first shoots of new love and the growth or regrowth of trust, for taking the first steps to launch any projects that start in a small way; for melting rigid attitudes or prejudice that may have led to conflicts between families and work colleagues; for newborn infants, babies and young animals.

Symbols: Milk, honey, seeds, early budding flowers and early greenery.

Tree: Willow, with her willow wand the goddess was said to melt the snows of winter.

Incenses, flowers and herbs: Angelica, basil, benzoin, celandine, crocus, heather, myrrh, snowdrops and violets.

Candle colours: Pale pink, green, blue and white.

Crystals: Dark gemstones such as the garnet and bloodstone/heliotrope, also amethyst, rose quartz and moonstone.

Festival foods: Seed bread, milk, honey, any seeds, hot milky drinks, cheese and butter.

Angel of the festival: Raguel, Archangel of ice and Snow who melts the winter snows with his fiery sword. He is often pictured wearing dark grey and silver robes with a halo gleaming with icicles.

Goddess\saint of the festival: Bridget, first in the form of the Goddess Brighid goddess and then the Irish fifth century saint who were both associated with milk, nourishment, midwifery, healing, blacksmiths, inspiration and poetry, fire and the sun and who brought life back to the frozen winter land.

The Place on the Wheel


Imbolc means ‘In the belly of the Mother ‘and refers to the potential for growth in whatever way is most relevant in your life.

The first festival of spring is a reminder that new life stirs within the Earth and within people long before the effects are seen or felt externally.

This was the all- important time when sheep and cattle give birth to their young and so fresh milk and dairy products were first available to the community after the long winter in early agricultural societies.

This was in a number of pre Christian traditions the festival of the young maiden goddess. But it is also linked with the story of the newly delivered mother of the sun king whose milk is mirrored by the milk of the ewes who gave this festival its name of Oimelc or Ewe’s milk.

The Christian Candlemas, the festival of candles, took place on February 2, the day of the Purification of the Virgin Mary on which she took baby Jesus to the temple for the first time.

Ways of marking the festival in the modern world

Personal and home purification, by burning smudge sticks in sagebrush or cedar and spiralling the ,smudge around your home, your possession and yourself before taking the smoke stick outdoors to burn away or go out.

Personal detoxing and the beginning of a fitness and healthy eating regime to maximise your energy and increases your resistance to winter ills and chills.

Candle meditations or just quiet times sitting by candlelight talking to your family or friends. If you are alone hold a clear crystal between your hands and ask your guardian angel and spirit guides if they have any messages for you. These may be expressed through words that come into your mind or images and sudden good ideas.

Create a candle web with friends or relatives for healing or peace. Choose an evening when you are all at home and pre agree a time when you can light a white or beeswax candle and all focus on the same person, animal or place and send healing through the candle. You can adapt the web for people who live in nearby time zones. Leave the candle to burn through.

In a warm land, plant seeds naming for each handful of seeds what you wish to bring into your life in the months ahead.

In age old tradition, pour a little fresh milk on to the earth as a tribute to the Earth Mother and as you do so, ask for fertility in any aspect of your life you need it. Drink the rest or use it in cooking.

On the night of February 1, place nightlights safely at every window of your home to welcome the new energies into your home. Once candles were lit to welcome Brighid the maiden goddess on her day February 1 and later St Bridget on the Christian festival of Candlemas, February 2 , the blessing of the candles for the year ahead in a special church service.

Take a ceramic heat proof bowl of milk and in it drop ice cubes to represent the cold of winter; gently melt the ice with a small candle or burner beneath the bowl, stirring it and naming the energies you wish to move in or through your life or any quarrels or coldness you wish to resolve or melt.

A time for career renewal. In the old tradition a local girl dressed in white as the maiden goddess and later to saint would appear at the door of important houses and farms. Indoors would be a straw bed by the fire where she would be given milk, seed bread and honey and would bless the local workers.

 To focus on the way you wish your career to develop, on the evening of January 31 make a tiny straw bed or one of dried rose petals and in it place a small doll dressed in white. Surround it with the first greenery or buds of spring. Place in the straw symbols of the blessings you would like in your life, whether tiny charms related to your craft or job applications of ideal careers .Drink a little milk sweetened with honey and put three drops on the head of the doll. Keep the doll and bed in position until dusk on February 2 and then scatter the straw or petals to the wind, give the doll to a child and carry any charms in a small drawstring bag to bring you luck. Send off an application, start learning some new skill that will further your career or apply for a course or extra training.

Give packets of seeds to friends or friends’ children to plant indoors and take along a green plant or two to refresh the workplace and as a reminder of the coming spring.

Write some poetry or a story or start your novel whether for pleasure of publication.

Once in a blue moon....

Happy Full Blue Moon in Aquarius on July 31 at 10.44am GMT. Originally a blue moon was considered to be the third of four full moons to occur during a season and some people still follow this definition. However in the modern world a blue moon is generally regarded as the second full month in the same month as happened in July this year.

Blue moons appear every two to three years and the last one was August 31, 2012. The full moon is Aquarius of course demands these facts and figures, carefully checked, but let’s get more mystical.

Blue moonstones are said to be washed up in remote shores of the Far East on blue moon night, though the moon, Aquarius reminds us is not actually blue. The next blue moon won’t be until March 31 2018, but that is good for making a three year plan fuelled by the blue moon energy.>

So as this is a rare opportunity, let’s use the originality and quirkiness of Aquarius (being a full moon rather more emotion than normal creeps in) to not only think outside the boxes but erase them (neatly of course) and take advantage of our blue moon to look at the old problems as challenges, the obstacles as giant sand dunes to run up and slide down laughing.

Go to work a different way, eat different foods, and try new activities you have always wanted to, but never dared.

Book the holiday that is out of character for Mr, or Ms Sensible, but excite the child inside, If you seek love, dust off those dancing shoes on one more time, go on that friendship site however previously unpromising or go along to your favourite interest and you may meet your soul mate who inspired by the blue moon ventured there for the first time.

If you want to launch a new career, take not a tiny step but a gigantic leap, if necessary enrolling in study you just don’t have time for. Without those boxes you can have a rapid reordering of priorities and get kick the butts of lazy asses who compliment you on your excellent room service.

Repaint the house as you want it and let the neighbours buy sunglasses. This is such an amazing opportunity to change status quo, push through the glass ceiling and maybe you’ll find your own blue moonstones washed up on the sore of opportunity.

And of course make that wish, the real wish that leaps in your heart and has never been spoken because it seems too impossible- but attainable on a blue moon. Begin the following ritual on the blue moon and continue for twelve more full moons or until your dream is fulfilled, which given the power of the blue moon may be much sooner.

You will need

Timings: Outdoors, Full Blue moon night or if it is cloudy do the spell indoors with seven blue candles in a ring and stand in the middle.

The Spell:


23rd July 2015: Dear Friends,

Since being so ill and having various gloomy prognoses made, I have come to realise that although I am following the prescribed medication, healing is also a mental and spiritual process and that we can, by the power of thought, trigger our body’s own regenerative powers. Throughout the ages, spiritual healing, medicine and magic have been closely entwined with healers making use of rituals to draw down power from higher sources to trigger the patient’s own self-healing powers. It is only in the modern world that spiritual healing has become a specialised art, separate from medicine and surgery and sometimes divorced from everyday life.

Yet we all possess the powers to send healing to those we love through the power of love. In fact, anyone who rubs a child’s hurt knee better, soothes a family member’s brow when it is aching or offers a friend a hug in consolation is transmitting healing powers.

Modern research in America would seem to validate the effectiveness of spiritual healing. Dr Herbert Benson, a Harvard Medical School Professor and founder of the Mind/Body Medical Institute at Deaconess Hospital in Boston, started his research 30 years ago. He comments:

By repeating prayers, words or sounds and passively disregarding other thoughts, many people are able to trigger a specific set of physiological changes. Invoking prayers or mantras over and over can lower the rate of breathing and brain wave activity, sometimes healing what ails you and averting the need for invasive surgery or expensive medicine.

Sending healing to others

Moreover, it would seem that prayer and ritual of outsiders can actually cause a positive change. An American doctor, Randolph Byrd, carried out an experiment in which two hundred patients admitted to San Francisco State Hospital with heart attacks were allocated to a group of Christians who said daily prayers on their behalf. There were a further 200 similarly afflicted patients as a control group for whom prayers were not said.

Significantly fewer of those who had prayers said on their behalf suffered a stroke or further heart attack while in hospital or died. The patients did not know they were being prayed for.

Absent Healing

All you need to send absent healing is goodwill, a desire to help others and a crystal to amplify and direct the healing energies that come from the angels flowing through your hands as you hold the crystal.

By holding a clear quartz, amethyst or citrine crystal or small crystal sphere up to candlelight with the hand you do not write with and directing your other horizontally outstretched hand, palm down, fingers extended towards the intended recipient, you can send healing with the help of the Archangel Raphael.

These energies spontaneously flow through your hands into a crystal as you hold it. They then pass to the subject of the healing whether person, place or animal, even if they are hundreds of miles away as you extend your hand, filled with crystal power in the direction of the intended recipient.

If you get tired put both hands round the crystal and allow the energies to flow through you.

Raphael is the main healing Archangel and his special crystals are citrine and amethyst. Wednesday is his special healing day and the healing hour is traditionally 10pm but any time during Wednesday is good for healing.

Creating or developing an absent healing book

10th July 2015: 

Abundance, how to give and recieve

Recently I have discovered how generous even comparative strangers have been and how people are in giving of their time and practical help when my own world temporarily ground to a halt. So in turn, I am sharing with you (below) some great techniques and spells for creating and attracting abundance in to your lives.

Abundance is the sharing of whatever we can give and is very different from pouring money to buy what we do not have time to give, attention and wisdom.

Reading to a child or playing in the woods with sticks and stones is far more enriching and time-consuming than buying them the latest technological gadget to play alone in their bedroom. For what we give to others in terms of thoughtfulness we will receive back threefold.

Abundance can and should be shared, spontaneous al fresco meals with friends and family; gifts made or carefully chosen not for monetary value but because it is exactly what is wanted; outings to grow memories that sustain us through the years; beautiful flowers and plants to enhance our home. These are simple expressions of abundance and generate happiness that we can pass on without a single credit card being debited.

What is more abundance can be shared in the form of practical talents and work exchanged even when money does not change hands: tiling a bathroom in return for doing the accounts or baking cakes and being repaid in a Spanish language tutorial.

The good harvest of our rural ancestors filtered own to all levels of society.

Wealth should not be like a cake that is finite, but like a stew that the more than is added to the pot the more nourishing it becomes. As long as we become more generous and spread the pleasures of a better lifestyle rather than clutching them to us, prosperity will flow more easily into our lives in every way as we generate the energies of enough and some to spare, even if that is sharing the produce of our garden or helping a tired parent by offering to babysit with no thought of reward.

Four Simple Ongoing Abundance Rituals

These may sound like practical tips but in fact in if you carry any of them out regularly you do attract all manner of good things in your life without trying. I can only explain it as stirring up the abundance energies that then circulate freely, bringing generosity from others into your world.

An Abundance basket

A dear friend of mine from Chile gave me a painted wooden abundance basket filled with wooden fruit and grains. I hung it for a while from a tree in the middle of my garden and lent it to people who needed good things in their life.
You can make your own living abundance basket and keep it in the heart of your home, to be shared by visitors and family members alike

You will need:

A wicker or straw basket with a yellow cloth inside

Golden fruit, tiny golden and orange crystals such as carnelian and citrine, gold, orange and red ribbon skeins, individual packs of nuts, dried golden fruits and seeds (often organic grocers have environmentally friendly packets of produce), small packets or miniature jars of sun herbs, sage, rosemary and chamomile and olives.

A vase of fresh flowers or golden dried grasses and corn

Timings: Ongoing

An Abundance Meal

Once a month try to invite friends and family for a bring and share meal of natural produce, seed breads and cakes, cheese, golden fruits, nuts, seeds, salad, roasted or baked potatoes and root vegetables, golden home-made (or unprocessed soup), fruit juices and barley or fruit wines.

You can take turns to host the occasion.

Ask everyone to bring a very small gift (put a modest price limit), made from natural materials, wood, clay, undyed fabrics, seeds or bulb, a crystal or something small, green and growing.

Have an abundance hour when everyone shares a good experience that occurred during the previous month and describes an event or plan they are looking forward to completing.

After the meal, let everyone choose a small wrapped present and a plant to take home

An Abundance Talent Exchange

DIY and the reliance on expertise in every field, plus moving away from familiar neighbourhoods, has eroded the traditional neighbourhood exchange of skills. This is re-emerging in some communities. When I was a single mother I traded Latin and English lessons for babysitting.

You can operate it on a very small scale, whereby you and friends, neighbours and families list your skills.
So if you need electrical sockets replaced, you can trade it for sewing labels on school clothes or typing up correspondence, accounting for decorating.

You can also offer emergency cover (a dress for the school play urgently needed) for later pay back.

Of course some people can exploit these kinds of exchange, but on a whole they create a lot of good will. With email, SMS and Internet these things can need little organisation.

An Abundant Goods exchange

When I used to attend Quaker meetings regularly when my children were young, I was the recipient of excellent hand me down clothes for my five children, unwanted bicycles etc. and in return was able to hand on things I no longer needed or my family had outgrown.

Either formally or informally, initiate not garage or car boot sales but exchanges where you exchange something you do not need any more, which may be perfectly serviceable for something you need, an old but working printer and scanner for a games console, a well-loved computer for a musical instrument.

Start in a small way with friends and family and the trend may spread.

Chore though it is, give rather than throw away fashion mistakes that may be someone else’s joy, unused perfume gifts, jewellery, games still boxed etc not just to charity shops, but to people you know might like them, thus spreading abundance rather than consumerism.

Sometimes it is less trouble to give away perfectly serviceable furniture to someone setting up a first home rather than struggling to sell them and good things will come back to you.

A Cinnamon, Oat and ginger abundance spell

First fruits, the first of any harvest were traditionally offered to the Earth Mother and later the Virgin Mary in thanks for abundance received

For the spell you will need:

Timings: A first of the month spell, during the morning

The Spell:

6th July 2015: It is good to be back working on the site again and Debi and I have many exciting plans for this year and next that we will plot over a glass or two of vino when I visit her in France in October.

We are heading this month towards the time of the first harvest in the Northern hemisphere and the awakening of new life in the Southern world and so our thoughts naturally turn to fulfilling those dreams we sometimes put aside as impossible or daily life has made hard to pursue.

Happiness is the key to the better future we all dream of. For unless we are happy in ourselves, it is hard for us to fulfil our potential. Sensitive people too often focus on the happiness of others and in so doing may lose sight of their own needs and dreams. They can end up following paths ordained by others, whether ambitious parents, teachers, partner or children. But it is never too late to follow your own dreams. Dare to dream and strive to live them step by step.

Courage and self-confidence are of great help in attaining happiness through fulfilling our dreams. These qualities will enable us to get what we really want. We can broaden our horizons at any age and through taking on such challenges we grow as a person.

So here are two special rituals to make your perhaps half-forgotten or as yet unpursued dreams come true whether these are grand ambitions of fame and fortune creative talents you never developed but would like to- and I did not start writing until I was forty, wishes for the health of yourself or a loved one, to earn your money in a way that fulfils you, to live where you feel you truly belong and find a lifestyle that has meaning for you or just a modest wish to make life seem more worthwhile.

Ritual 1: Bird Seed Wishes for a special dreams

You will need

A container of bird seed.

Timing: Mornings in a place where you can feed wild birds.

The Spell: Holding the bird seed container in both hands, face the four directions starting with North, whichever hemisphere you inhabit.

Ritual 2: A Stamping Spell if people laugh at your dreams

You will need

A raincoat and wellington boots or sturdy shoes.

Timing: A rainy day or just after rain when there are puddles.

The Spell

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