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UPDATE: 30th March 2015

Dearest Friends,
I am currently in hospital after various complications including fluid on the lungs awaiting the long road to open heart surgery. It is with sadness my travelling activities are for now curtailed but I have two book commissions to complete by October and have earned myself the title Lady behind the curtain as I have set up my office bed here. I am overwhelmed by the care and kindness of my children who have been with me day and night and my darling granddaughter Freya whom I see every day and has lent me her fourth favourite Peppa Pig pillow.

I am amazed I have such thoroughly nice children and their partners and I am looking forward to seeing my other granddaughter dearest Holly who met me at the airport, at Easter (the Easter egg hunt may transfer to the hospital). Things are serious and in spite of my best tunnelling efforts I am stuck here and at two other hospitals on the mainland for the foreseeable future as I have to go for more major tests and eventually the operation. For a free spirit like me confinement is a real burden but I am aware I am lucky to be alive and able after being reduced to gasping for breath able to sing tunelessly again in the shower.

Thanks to the children I get myself dressed and lippied up every day and am determined not only to stay on the perch but to use this time to write my best work ever and reflect how lucky I am to have been blessed with such a family and to have had so many amazing adventures in Australia. I miss Australia and my beloved Australian friends so much but I was quite ill during the end of my last trip through I did readings to the end-and some days only Konnie got me through and for that I am thankful. John her husband has also as always been there for me and I I am truly appreciative that they cared for me in my difficult times and got me home again.

A big scary door to walk through but I have everything plus one to live for in spite of the doom and gloom merchants who would have me half way to my Viking flaming ship burial(watch out local ferry companies). I have at least twenty more books to write(including my hospital murder mystery Lady behind the Curtain), unthought of adventures to pursue, grandchildren to interfere with and a whole beautiful glorious world I only just got to appreciate. As a late teenager I enjoyed the drowning Ophelia syndrome , but at 67 I am doggy paddling frantically for shore and my whole new beginning and believe me it will be glorious as I barter my get out of jail free cards with the angels.

In the meantime there are my courses to study and I can do limited readings if you do not mind waiting before the op. Debi as always my friend through the years as well as trusted web partner will take care of you when I cannot communicate directly, hopefully only for a short time.

Thank you all for your good wishes and prayers,




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Latest Update 26th April from Miranda,

My very brave mummy bear is doing a little better today. She's put up with lots of pain and discomfort without really complaining at all. Her heartbeat is still irregular and her heart needs the external pump to support it so it looks like a few more days in intensive care for now.

Latest Update 24th April from Miranda,

After a fairly scary wake up process, mum is stable again. Massive relief and fingers crossed she continues to improve. She's conscious(ish) but still in intensive care. She's chatting a bit to us (and chanting Jack's name) so we're hoping we are a bit nearer to being out of the woods xx



Not much news to tell, other than Cassandra is still under sedation as her heart rhythm isn't normal. She's plugged in to all the wonderful machines and hopefully soon she'll be able to be woken soon. I'll let you all know as soon as I know.

Love to you all

Debi xxx


UPDATE 21st April


Cassandra is having her op tomorrow (22nd). Let's all send in our healing prayers and wish for a speedy recovery.

Obviously, for the moment, there will be no more readings or spells available until further notice, but all online courses will be sent out as usual.


GET WELL SOON CASS, love from Debi xxxxxxx


Update from my hospital bed...19th April 2015

3 am and I abandon all pretence of sleep in the communal ward  where I bear witness to the most intimate bodily functions of very old, lovely and helpless but vocal ladies. The nurses perform their duties cheerfully and compassionately and I too am learning patience, tolerance, compassion and being woken for musical commodes, dreaming of the paintbox sunrises in the Outback and cherishing reading The Fox in Sox last night in the café to Freya and persuading her in a week she can see me on the mainland and even bring me a Decaff from the hospital Costa a lot Coffee.. For this morning or the morning after(I have to be ready at 8 in case the ambulance comes to take me on the mini- sea voyage to the mainland for my operation which it may not), If not I will draw up my makeshift hospital desk facing Freshwater Bay where I picture the fishing boat mast carrying my Internet signal half across the world and tap away for another day and have just one more picnic in the magic garden with the family.

The Eason girls have me packed for a full military jamboree as the boys unfurl the battle flags to decamp to the mainland as Team Eason faces our greatest challenge. For me as I finally sleep the rainbow anaesthetic I shall be riding into the dawn as curious kangaroos wonder why two middle aged ladies are venturing where the nearest Latte stop is 250 kilometres and three hours into the morning further down the track.

I am lucky to have my family round me and blessed indeed to find out what a swell of goodwill I possess round the world. I have granddaughters’ weddings to attend in the future, new territory to explore in Australia, at least twenty more books in me. Maybe I needed to be confined for four weeks, to stare into the face of dependency and helplessness as most independent of souls, I have experienced limitations. I have my recovery code. If I can recall after the operation that Hera is the wife of Zeus then I will know all the marbles are rolling and it is systems go.

I will appreciate every minute, long or short, my family, my friends, the flowers standing to attention in suburban gardens and the wild dingo deserts. So from my little curtained world I dream and plan tomorrow.

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