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Cassandra is coming back to Australia in January

She will be giving clairvoyant readings, working with past lives, angels and guides, numerology, creating spells with your own personal charm bag and helping with psychic protection or to remove ill-wishing.

Phone Konnie on 0409 499792

You can also book a personal phone reading during Expo hours 9am-7pm
TOOWOOMBA Wed Jan 21 to Mon Feb 2. Burke and Will Hotel, 554 Ruthven St. 9am-7pm
MACKAY Thurs Feb 5 to Mon Feb 16. Magpies Sporting Club, Glenella Rd Glenella. 9am-7pm
CAIRNS Fri Feb 20 to Mon March 2. Brothers Leagues Club, 99-105 Anderson St Manunda. 9am-7pm
TOWNSVILLE Thurs March 5 to Mon March 16. Tom’s Tavern, 186 Nathan St, Aitkenvale. 9am-7pm.



The Spirit of Health and Healing,  personally created rituals and reading

AND my new Nature Oracle Reading and Ritual






On the road again in 2015....see you soon

Happy Imbolc

As we approach the twin festivals of Imbolc, the first stirring of life, the fire in the belly of the maiden goddess, bringing momentary warmth after winter in the northern hemisphere and Lughnassadh or Lammas in the south, the willing offering by the grain god of his life as the first harvest, we are reminded that the magical Wheel of the Year is one wheel, the Wheel of the constantly turning World. When it is daylight in the northern hemisphere, it is dark in the southern hemisphere and when it is winter in the north it is glorious summer in the south, a mere twenty four hour plane hop though 6 climatic months away.

As harvest approaches in the southern world, wherever you live, think what you really want and the sacrifices you need to make to allow your dreams to bear fruit. If life is unfair or seems dark and hopeless reach across the wheel to the maiden goddess Brigit already melting sorrows with her willow wand, letting fears, obstacles and doubts melt away.

The twin themes of harvest sacrifice and the revival of the land after winter, revolve continuously. Planting personal seeds, tending them in good times and harsh, in bounty and aridity ensures we have enough for our needs and a little more. We need not sacrifice dreams rather give up what is not good for us or worrying over for what never can be or can be no more.

Light twin white and golden yellow candles for Imbolc and Lughnassadh and say, I reach out in the trust my needs will be met. I free myself from what holds me back from fulfilment.

Sprinkle a few grains of dried sage or rosemary in each flame, leaving the candles to burn.
Scatter the rest of the seeds outdoors for the birds to eat or to take root as is destined

While the candles are burning, use a bread mix or make your own from any standard recipe using a fast rising yeast .If you do not have time to make your own bread, use a bread roll, scone or bun and trace above it with the index finger of the hand you write Creative shall I be,, Expressing outwardly, what waits now as seeds within me.

Do the same over the rising bread in the baking tin.

Sit in the candlelight , allowing ideas to come of whatever form of creativity inspires you, interior design, music, sewing, gardening, book writing, having a baby, making a beautiful home of love, healing, singing, learning to create a website or launching a business of any kind. The creativity can be one that gives you pleasure and does not have to be commercial, rekindling the joyous way you danced or sang at the top of your voice missing the odd octave of tunefulness as a child or told the most amazing stories to your own children.

When the bread has risen, cook the bread or warm the ready- made roll and when it is ready, eat some while warm.

Eating your wishes traditionally gives you the power to make them come true. Now do something fun and creative, just for yourself and then as the grains of your gifts grow so you may find you can make an income from what you enjoy most-or just the pleasure of expressing your inner beauty and harvest treasures.

NEW READING : Wheel of the Year

An ideal birthday or New Year gift or if you just want to see the energies, opportunities and challenges for the year ahead, but can start at any point in the year for a full 12 months.

Each month, starting from the one after you book, the reading will describe the numerological energies around you each month, depending on your date and if known time of birth.

Your birth month will feature the particular angels, crystals and fragrances associated with your birth and you can choose whether you would like the reading based mainly on angel messages and angel numbers or more generally involving crystals, runes, Tarot, God and Goddess cards and Tree staves or Egyptian tablets.

Find out more here

 NEW THREE PART COURSE : Learning the Tarot in three easy stages

Learning the Tarot is a three part practical hands on course. The first part can be taken alone and will teach you how to do effective readings with the first 22 Major Arcana cards and to use a selection of layouts. It also gives advice, practical activities and tips on choosing the right pack, cleansing and empowering it and reading the Tarot for yourself, friends or family.
Part 2 teaches the 40 Minor cards, Aces to 10 and more layouts and can be taken after Part 1.
Part 3 introduces the Court cards: Princesses, Princes, Kings and Queens and more complex layouts and should be taken after Parts 1 and 2. Click here for more details and to order.

Welcome to my website. For the last 25 years I have been writing books on the paranormal, folklore, crystals and the magickal realms, with over 95 books published worldwide. I also work on a daily basis helping people all over the world by providing psychic readings, psychic life-coaching and a spell creation and casting service. I take great pride in my work and endeavour to provide a warm and friendly service to everyone who needs it; helping with a wide range of issues such as relationship breakdown, bereavement or those searching for a change of lifestyle or employment.

If you need help in any area of your life, but are unsure of where to turn next, please read the information on the readings, psychic life-coaching and spells pages to help you understand what can and cannot be achieved with my psychic services. You will also find a massive amount of free information on my pages entitle encyclopaedia cassandrica! These pages are an amalgamation of research I have done over the years put into an easily searchable format. I also provide a range of free to use spells and rituals - you'll find these scattered all over my site, usually on pages relevant to the subject matter.

If there is something you cannot find, or something that you do not understand, then please do not hesitate to contact me. All my emails go through Debi, my trusted web guru and good friend. She can answer many enquiries, and those she can't she forwards to me.

On this page you will find updates as to my whereabouts - such as the Psychic Expos in Australia, and the workshops held at Charlie's Rockshop in London, plus any news of new books, CDs, online homestudy courses and mores. I will also link to any new pages added to this site from this page on the right.

I hope you all enjoy your visit here to the wonderful world of magick and I do love to hear from you if you have any special experiences involving the supernatural, magickal or psychic realms. I also love to hear from you if you have had a reading or spell from me and had some amazing results. I add some of your letters and stories to my website so please be sure to say if you DON'T want your email publishing.

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TWO NEW BOOKS released with Sterling Ethos in America on January 20 and March 7 in Australia and England



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