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Happy Solstice


Happy approaching Solstice, Midsummer or Midwinter, wherever you live in the world, the time of greatest light in the southern hemisphere and the rebirth of the sun in the northern climes, both two halves of the same brilliant light.

In the northern world, in the folk customs of Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia, the Baltic solar Goddess, Saule, Queen of the Heavens and Earth, dressed and crowned with gold, drives her shining chariot across the skies. The Christian Advent at the beginning of December now marks the traditional time when Saule begins her long journey of return and on the feast of St Lucia, once the Northern Goddess of Light, on December 13, Saule dances with her daughters, the planets. She returns in triumph on Kaledos, the Mid-Winter Solstice and her celebrations continued until January 6, the Christian Epiphany.

In the southern world, the Australian Aboriginal creator woman Warramurrungundjui who emerged from the sea and gave birth to the first people; carried her digging stick and a bag of food plants, medicinal plants and flowers. Having planted them, she went on to dig the water holes. Then leaving her children to enjoy the fruits of her work, she entered a sacred stone so remaining present in her creation and as the sun shines brightly at Midsummer we are reminded her creations are constantly renewed.

Reach out for your own power or maybe reclaim it after a long absence at this dual sunshine festival of Michael, Archangel of the Sun who blesses both Midwinter and Midsummer, his special festivals. Focus now on what you want more than anything and make that leap of faith. Do not be held back by what if it goes wrong? ´Dare to dream and make those dreams anew and come true by faith, hard work and persistence.

On Solstice Eve wherever you live:

Take three white candles, two small and a larger one, set between the other two.

Light first the smaller left hand candle for your own hemisphere’s Midwinter or Midsummer, whether you are trudging through the snow or turning on the air conditioning along with the Christmas lights.

Light the second right hand flame for the mirror Solstice being celebrated across the world at the same time as your own

Now light the third larger central candle by holding the other two flames simultaneously in its flame. Then hold each of the outer candles one in each hand, facing the central candle, saying, We are one world, warmed by the same sun, all children of the great Sun Mother. We are held each one of us in the light of unity. Let us send blessings to all who are sorrowing, who have suffered grievous loss in the past days and weeks that there may be peace and reconciliation and light in a darkness that will never extinguish the everlasting brightness of love.

Blow out the two outer candles, sending blessings to wherever it is most needed and let the middle one burn through.

Cassandra and Debi wish you the very warmest of season's greeting and hope that the new year brings love and joy to all xxxx

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